Mission Statement 

The mission of the UTA Esports is to unite the gaming community at UTA, to support the development of collegiate esports, and to grow the next generation of industry leaders. We work to accomplish this by creating an open, supportive environment for all students to express their passion for gaming, by hosting events in the pursuit of creating memorable experiences for our members, by developing the best players and creating the best esports teams at UTA, and by offering our members the chance to gain real industry experience and develop their skills within our leadership team.


Core Values


Value Community

College can be a difficult time. Students are thrown into a whole new world with many aspects of their daily lives likely changing soon after. All of that is much easier to handle when a student finds a community that they feel they belong to. UTA Esports is proud to support an inclusive community that allows our members to succeed in their college career through comradery and understanding. Our members help each other in all walks of college life, from homework, to balance of gaming and academics, to physical and mental wellness, to the development of industry skills.

Foster Competition

Some players have that special drive. That need to improve and play at the best level they can. We feel that same thirst for performance and work everyday to create the best place for competitive gamers at UTA to hone their skills and show the world what they’re made of. Whether you’re just getting into your favorite game and want to know what it’s like to play on a team or you’re the player who’s always at the top of the leaderboard looking to win some big titles, UTA Esports is here to help you improve and make it to the next level.


Connect and Collaborate

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Esports, like many things in life, is a collaborative effort. From competitive single player titles to 5-man MOBA’s to exam preparation, having a team behind your back is the best way to guarantee success. UTA Esports fosters a collaborative environment by fielding not only players for competitive teams but managers, coaches, and analysts as well. On the non-gaming side, our leadership team collaborates around-the-clock to create the best gaming experience at UTA by organizing LAN parties and tournaments, creating content for online entertainment, and growing our brand to be able to make every year a success.

Learn, grow, inspire

As a collegiate organization, the sharing of knowledge and past experiences is vital to the success of UTA Esports. That’s why we encourage all our leaders to teach the next generation and pass on what they have learned. The goal of our organization is to be able to develop members into better players and better people and that is only possible when our leaders inspire our members to grow. From competitive play, to content creation, to business management and marketing, to everyday perspective, UTA Esports prides itself on its ability teach everyone something new.


Meet The Officers


Kimberly Yee


Senior - Business Marketing and Management

Games: League of Legends, Tetris


Alexander Rocha

Vice President

Junior - Computer Engineering

Games: Dota 2, Destiny 2


Ian Vazquez

Lead Programs Director

Junior - Physics

Games: Overwatch, League of Legends


Jahir Montes


Sophomore - Computer Science



Joseph Bingeman


Junior - MIS and Accounting

Games: Overwatch, Rainbow 6: Siege


Joshua Gridley

Assistant Programs Director

Freshman - Software Engineering

Games: League of Legends, Overwatch


Christopher Hernandez

Event Director

Junior - Biology

Games: Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World


Joseph Dukes

External Relations

Sophomore - Business Management

Games: Overwatch, League of Legends


Brandon Frausto

Health and Wellness

Year - Kinesiology

Games: CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege


Kasey Lusk

Production Manager

Junior - Photography

Games: Cosplay


Jadelyn Molina

Social Media Director

Freshman - Psychology

Games: Overwatch, Apex Legends




System Administrator

Sophomore - Computer Engineering

Games: OSU, Smash Ultimate